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PLEASE BEWARE OF SCAMS!!! This is a classifieds listing site and we are not associated with or guarantee that any listing is a legitimate listing. Do not send anyone money without taking proper precautions to ensure you receive the item or pet you are paying for. If you have any questions about how to protect yourself please contact us by clicking on "Help" on the top of the screen. We will do let you know ways to reduce the chances of you getting scammed. We are currently working on a FAQ that will give you information to help protect yourself but until then do not hesitate to ask. When you make a transaction with a person listing a pet, supply or service you do so at your own risk so please use caution! This is not just a pet listing site like the many other ones online. This is a pet community. We provide a way for pet lovers across the country to discuss, adopt, rehome and buy pet supplies. Our community integrates all of these features in an easy to use interface allowing you to keep track of your pet listings as well as discussions about how to sell pets online and care for them. We have a private messaging system allowing you to keep in touch with other pet lovers like yourself. Join our community today. Its free so you have nothing to lose and hundreds of friends and pets to meet! New changes are coming soon so check back often.


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